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The LED-lamp is deliberately not anchored to the glass! In case someone trip or pulls the cord, the lamp can take the fall but not the glass.

Always use rain, destilled or osmosis water. This will make your plants grow better and prevent the glass from kalcium stains.


When fixating any accessories with magnets. Be very careful as the magnets are very strong. Do not drop the magnet on to the glass. Always slide it on as it otherwise can brake the glass.


The glass is hand blown and hand made. Therefor it is unevitable that there can be minor air bubbles, differences in thickness and that all D'Orb glasses are unique.


To minimize the micro fan noise you can put a small piece of felt or thick fabric between the inner magnet and the glass. This also makes the fan easier to move.

The air intake can easily be adjusted by opening or obstracting the backside hole. With small piece of tape for instance.




How to make a self feed plant mount.

A piece of driftwood, ghostwood or a cork piece is used as base.
A 10 mm hole is drilled through the wood.
Place a piece of plastic pipe in the hole. This is to prevent the wood from rottening.
Mark the place you want the plant mount and take a aquarium silicone and spread over the area. Cut a piece of Hygrolon in the same shape and stick to the silicone. Dont press to much so the silicone penetrates the Hygrolon.
Make a slit in the Hygrolon just above the drilled hole. Cut a piece of Hygrolon to use as a wick and pull it through the hole.
The Hygrolon wick now saturates the pad of Hygrolon making it self feeding from the water in the bottom of the D'Orb.


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